Prepare for Summer with Gourmet Picnic Baskets

DIY Gourmet Picnic BasketsAh, the coming of summer always brings me to thoughts of picnics. Then I start thinking about special picnic baskets for all the fun foods and drinks that I like to have. For years, I have been perfecting my own gourmet picnics.

And, actually, I have several baskets. Each with a different theme. I have one that is all about a fancy romantic picnic for  two. Including wine glasses, real china plates and cloth napkins. Those are such special picnics when we can get away alone together.

But, I have other more casual baskets. These are more in the fun line up, with red checkered tablecloths to serve the picnic from.

For me, and my family, we are getting away from disposable goods in our picnic baskets. So paper plates and cheap plastic eating utensils aren’t part of my baskets. Instead, we have sets of unbreakable plates and fun flatware.

These sets stay with each picnic basket. As I prepare the food for the next picnic, all of my extras are already loaded. It’s just a matter of choosing the foods that will go along.

With themed picnic baskets, I like to match the food choices to the theme. When I can add gourmet foods, that all the better. It makes the picnic seem more special, too.

I have also given many a gourmet picnic basket as a gift. I load the chosen basket with a small set of dishware and linens, then complement the gift with a few gourmet food items. These really turn out to be fabulous gifts.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy a lovely picnic on warm summer day? The whole family together for a fun time. And a meal to go with it.

So plan out your own gourmet picnic basket. You and your family can have an easier time sharing in the summer fun.


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