Chocolate Recipes – DIY Cookbook

Chocolate Recipe BindersIf you’re anything like me, you have a bunch of recipes that you want to try, have tried, or just think someday these would be nice. I have them by the handfuls for chocolate desserts, candy-making and chocolate gift giving. So I put them together and made my own chocolate cookbook.

First, I found a great binder. Since I print out recipes from the internet or pull them from magazine pages, I needed a full-sized binder. But I like to have my recipe books that look great. I don’t want just a plain old, plain old cover. I want something fun and easy to recognize on my shelf.

True, most of my recipes are on pages that I can just 3 hole punch and put in my binder. But, I also get recipes from friends. Those will tend to be on index cards. Or even those darling little recipe cards. I have some options for adding these to my chocolate cookbook binder. I can glue them onto a standard paper. Or I can get the fun plastic inserts.

Here is a great idea my daughter did for my birthday last year. She knows how much I love chocolate and love to try out new chocolate dessert recipes. She put together a separate chocolate recipe binder. She even titled it New Chocolate Recipes for Mom’s Kitchen. She could do that personalizing because she ordered the binder from Zazzle.

Then she went through my own DIY chocolate recipe binder to make sure she didn’t duplicate any recipes. She got me a whole new set of chocolate recipes to try! It was a great gift. Now, as I try new ones, I can move them from “New Recipes” to my own chocolate binder. DIY recipe binders are the greatest in my view. My kitchen is so much more fun!


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