Coasters to Tickle Your Wine Funny Bone

Funny Wine CoastersI just had to chuckle when I saw a great line up of funny coasters all centered around wine drinking. I do enjoy wine. At times to just relax with, at other times to enhance my food. But, either way, my sense of humor enjoys funny things about wine.

Actually, I’m in awe of how creative some people are. The designers of funny wine coasters certainly know their stuff. They do a great job of tickling my wine funny bone. Maybe they will for you, too.

In my home, I have lots of sandstone coasters. Just about all were given to me as gifts. Which means I do treasure them. But, I am ready now to add to my collection with a set of funny wine ones.

It was nice to discover that these beverage coasters are also available as cork-backed ones in sets of 6. Which means I have the perfect gift idea for my sister. Yes, she’s another wine lover. She’s also one that I can joke about wine with.

One of my favorite funny wine coasters has this quote: Wine is the answer. What was the question? Yes, I can hear you laughing right along with me.

But, there are plenty more! The one I featured in this article is another favorite. Wine really does make great group therapy! OK, the group of wine bottles works for me.

Take a look for yourself. Funny wine coasters has a nice collection of great ones to pick from. You may find just the right set for your own enjoyment or you may find the perfect gift for some one on your gift list. So laugh a little, then pop the cork.


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