Planning a Chocolate Fondue Party

milk-chocolate-macro-1013tmOne of my favorite types of parties is one that involves chocolate. Well, chocolate can be perfect for just about anything. But, how about a chocolate fondue party? Now that sounds ideal to me. The world of chocolate is such a fun thing to plan a party around and fondue makes it even more fun. So let’s look at what great things can work for a chocolate fondue party.

Planning the Party Timing

Certainly, you want to consider when you will have your party. With a dessert theme like chocolate fondue, you don’t want to plan the timing to replace a meal, but rather look at timing outside of meal times.

After dinner for dessert is the most common, but you aren’t limited to that time only. Think about things like a weekend day mid-afternoon. Depending on the additional foods that you could have on the menu, a mid-afternoon timing makes a fun party.

Start with the Invitations for Inspiration

Party invitations are a great source of inspiration for all kinds of things party related. Decorations are one of Chocolate Fondue Partythose favorite things that I get from party invitations. But, I can also get menu ideas, even special themes.

Let me give you an example. Recently, I was looking for something different in the party theme world. A chocolate fondue party seemed like a great idea, but I found a fun invitation that centered around a vintage look. That gave me the idea to have a costume theme to my fondue party. I asked the guests to dress as their favorite historical person. As you can imagine, the party was a huge hit. My guests are still asking me to make this an annual event.

Work with Menu Ideas

The menu planning is one of those all-important aspects of your party planning. First, with anything fondue, you most likely want pre-cooked foods that are easy to dip. They need to be pre-cut into bite-sized pieces before you guests even arrive. So there is some work ahead of you.

With a chocolate fondue party, you will want to think of many options for dipping. Fruit is one of those great items. Strawberries, cherries, apples, pears, pineapple and plenty more fruits make delicious treats when dipped in chocolate. Add in things like pound cake, cookies, even fortune cookies, to round out sweets.

Nuts are another great option. But a word of caution here. Nuts are typically too small and breakable to speared with the traditional fondue forks. Instead, have a variety of tongs to use for dipping nuts.



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